Does SmartLipo™ Get Rid of Cellulite?


Liposuction cannot get rid of cellulite, but Cellulaze can. To learn more, call Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman at (212) 308-1566 and schedule your consultation todayCellulite is subcutaneous fat that causes the skin above to dimple. Common on hips and thighs, cellulite is an issue most women – regardless of lifestyle choices, weight, or pregnancy – will develop to some extent during their lifetime.

Unfortunately, cellulite does not respond to liposuction. Even advanced options such as SmartLipo™ will fall short of correcting this particular problem and may, in some cases, even make the appearance of cellulite more pronounced. During your liposuction consultation, New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman will carefully evaluate your areas of concern to determine if SmartLipo or another form of liposuction is the best treatment for your particular needs.

Treating Cellulite

SmartLipo cannot remove cellulite, but treatments such as Cellulaze can. Cellulaze is a revolutionary treatment that removes the appearance of cellulite by thickening the skin, eliminating pockets of fat, and releasing tension in connective tissue bands. This treatment also stimulates collagen production – a factor that can help ensure natural-looking results that last for several years.

Minimally invasive, most Cellulaze patients are able to resume normal activities within just one to two days and serious complications are extremely rare. Cellulaze treatment produces immediate results, but continuous improvement will occur over a three to six month period. This makes now the best time to consider Cellulaze treatment if you desire smooth and flawless skin once warm weather returns. Please contact Manhattan Surgical Care online or by calling (212) 308-1566 today to schedule a consultation and learn more.


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